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Specially formulated to reduce
friction and wear in your
high performance engine!!

Schaeffer's Racing Oil is also a proud sponsor of the all new FM Transmitter for live at track race broadcast right on your portable radio!!
Frequency: 99.9FM

Schaeffer's Racing Oil

Specially Formulated Racing Products That Provide Drivers With a Competitive Edge

Soar Above the Competition with
Schaeffer Racing Oils!

Schaeffer Racing Oils are specially formulated to reduce friction and wear, increase engine efficiency and extend the life of high performance gasoline engines, including those that are turbocharged.

Our racing oils are blended from the finest high-viscosity index, solvent-refined, severely hydro-finished, 100% paraffin base stocks available.

This provides our products with:

*Excellent Thermal Stability
*High Lubricity
*Excellent Resistance to Oxidation
*Excellent Film Strength
*Low Volatility Characteristics

Contact your local Schaeffer's representative, Melvin Morris,
for more information
call (731) 414-0810

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